Group members

Bukyoung Jhun

Sebastian Kusch
(PhD Student)

Thomas Robiglio
(PhD Student)

Sina Sajjadi
(PhD Student)

Felipe Vaca
(PhD Student)

Former members

Dr. Sebastian Morel-Balbi
(University of Hong Kong)

Nicola Zomer
(MSc Student)

Silvia Guerrini
(MSc Student)

Joining the group

Interested PhD candidates are encouraged to apply for the “PhD Program in Network Science at CEU”.

If you want to carry out research in the group as a post-doc, there are several funding possibilities:

  1. Marie-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships
  2. FWF ESPRIT Career Advancement for Postdocs
  3. Leopoldina Postdoc Scholarship (incoming from Germany, Austria, or Switzerland)
  4. SNF Postdoc Mobility Fellowships (incoming from Switzerland)

If interested, please send an email including a CV and a brief statement of your research interests.